Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I watch VICELAND?

    Watching on TV

    Find your channel now.

    Apps and Connected Devices

    Get VICELAND for iOS, Android. Download via Apple TV, Roku, or connect with Sling TV.

    Follow @viceland to be notified when we launch on other platforms (such as your gaming console).


    Get most of our shows on iTunes.

    Follow @viceland to be notified when our shows are available at Amazon, Google Play, and other stores.

    This is the online home for all things VICELAND. If you have cable, or use your parents’ info, login here to stream full episodes, often before they air.

  • Why can't I watch in my country?

    VICELAND shows are generally not available in countries where the channel does not air on TV.

    The channel is currently available in the US and CA. We're coming soon to the UK and France, with more countries to be announced throughout the year.

    Follow @viceland to be notified when we land on your shores.

    In the meantime, enjoy scenes, trailers, and other VICE videos from the archive.

  • But I don't have cable

    If you don't have a cable provider account and can't bum one, don't sweat it. We offer select episodes, for free at, without a login, every week. Watch current and archival VICE shows for free here.

  • And I will never have cable

    We don’t have standalone subscription service, yet. That’s a good idea.

  • I have cable, but can't find VICELAND

    Call, email, or tweet at your cable company to add VICELAND to their lineup, or to upgrade your package.

  • I still can't login with my cable account

    Call, email, or tweet at your cable company to help you out.

  • I'm getting an authorization error

    Make sure your cable provider and your cable package offer VICELAND streaming.

  • I want to work for VICELAND. Are you hiring?

    Find and apply for job opportunities at VICELAND and VICE here.

  • I have an idea for a show...

    Thanks for thinking of us, but VICELAND does not accept unsolicited pitches or submissions.

  • How do I advertise on VICELAND?


  • I am a media person writing about VICELAND and have some questions

  • What happens when I call 646-851-0347?

    Someone is listening.

  • What did you do with Ancient Aliens?

    H2 is no longer operating. We miss it, too.

  • Closed Captioning Support

    VICELAND offers closed captioning on most programming. Click the “CC” icon in our video player to see if closed captioning is available for your selection.

    To report an issue or concern regarding closed captioning on VICELAND, please contact us:

    VICELAND Info / Closed Captioning
    VICE Media
    49 S 2nd St
    Brooklyn, NY 11211

    Please provide the following:
    • Name of the show;
    • Type of issue (i.e., missing captions, garbled text, cut-off text);
    • Website or application where you viewed the programming;
    • Approximate time and date that the issue occurred; and
    • Your name and contact information including, mailing address, email, and phone number.


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