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This is what is commonly known as “Living the Dream.” He’s the guy you and your family run into at the beach and he knows your mom and she gets weird about it and it turns out they dated briefly in college and you secretly wish he was your dad because he grows his own weed, listens to Hall & Oates, and uses the term “fingerblasted.”
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It’s easy to see a bunch of people at a steampunk meetup at your local bar and say, “Ha ha ha, look at those ridiculous, self-absorbed man-children,” but if you ever had a phase in middle school where you were really into anime I think it’s healthy to take a deep look into these mono-goggled faces and say to yourself, “Wow, there but for the grace of God, taste, dignity, getting laid, work, drugs, friends who’ll call me out on stupid shit, self-awareness, a sense of humor, and not living at my parents’ house go I.”
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